Bruno Produces

The Dietze Group established in 1921

As a global operating family business, the Dietze Group develops and produces:
Innovative precision glass-to-metal seals for sensors and other applications
Contact pins and patent-registered press-in-pins for electronic and automotive industry
Tungsten and Molybdenum products with ground, polished, sandblasted and etched surfaces
Welded lead-in wires for lighting and semiconductor industry


Lead in wires for
Incandescent lamps,
Fluorescent lamps,
Halogen lamps,
High pressure mercury lamps,
Sodium and Metal halide lamps,
Flash tubes and Starters

Wire Technology

Wire-Based Metal Forming
Thermal Restriction
Cold Metal Forming
Headed Parts
Precision surface of cut end for bonding

Contact Pins

Patent-registered Press-in-Pins
The Elbik x-press® meets the mechanical and electrical requirements of IEC 60352-5 after
Rapid change of temperature,
Cold, dry heat,
Damp heat,
Mixed flowing gas and vibration

Tungsten & Molybdenum Parts

Centerless ground
Etched surfaces
Split free (100% Eddy Current Checked)
Gurantees vacuum-tight seals
Diameter: 0,3 mm - 7 mm
Length: >0,7 mm

Glass-to-Metal Seal Technology - Power Feedthroughs

High current and insulation voltage rating
High burst strength
Low leakage rate (Helium leakage tested)
Wide working temperature range

Sensor Applications

Advantages of our high precision, concentric glass-to-metal sealing process
Superior level of miniaturization
Higher burst strength is achieved due to the decreased glass sealing area
More consistent insulation voltage rating
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