Bruno Produces

Lead in wires, bead glass and other lamp components

Lead in wires for energy saving lamps (CFL) Lead in wire for CRT stem Bead glass for Metal halide lamps
Pins for flash tubes Lead in wires with glass covered tungsten center section for hard glass discharge lamps Lead in wires for fluorescent lamps
Lead in wires with glass covered tungsten & straned wire Lead in wires for hard glass applications Pins (gold plated) for low voltage halogen lamp
Glass insulated fuse also with Ballotini "Filling" for high voltage halogen lamps Pins for low voltage halogen lamps with dichroic glass reflector Lead in wires for small wattage miniature halogen lamps
Pins for quartz halogen lamps Pins for miniature halogen lamps Glass diode parts
Taped pins Lead in wires for diodes Pins for connector applications & semiconductor applications
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