Company Profile

In late nineteen eighties,  MRK  ENGINEERS  was formed  by an electrical engineer  Mr. M. Ramakrishnan  with its base in Mumbai  and with the association of Mr. M. Kasinathan. It started marketing various  control equipments on all India basis
In early nineteen nineties, the operation was shifted to Chennai  . While it  continued to market control equipments, it added various process control instruments and components including measuring instruments in its product  range
Later, during late nineteen nineties,  the family  incorporated  a private limited company MRK ENGINEERS PRIVATE  LIMITED   with its registered office in Bangalore This family company was headed by Mr. Vaidyanathan. It has imported various assembly equipments for electronics assembly including soldering and de soldering  instruments, components etc., and  marketed on all India basis
In 2006, Mr. Kasinathan started international division of this company with its base in Chennai and started representing multinationals from Europe, Japan in India . With ambitious growth plan, second family company MRK SPECIALITY MATERIALS PRIVATE LIMITED was incorporated during March 2010 and shifted entire international business division to this company Ever since, it handles multinationals from Europe,  Japan  and  represent them in India for their products  such as Capacitor films, Lamp  components,  various ferrous and non ferrous metals in the form of strips, sheets, tubes, wires, rods, finished parts, tubes including capillary tubes, bourdon tubes, oval tubes, thin wall tubes, profiled tubes,  parts and assemblies including rivets, stamped parts, deep drawn parts, extruded parts, metal plastic  composite assemblies, memory elements and assemblies, stamping, bending parts and assemblies,  thermo bi metal  strips and components, contact bi metal strips and  components, wire profiles, metals for medical engineering including tubes, wires
The company cater to various applications including Electrical, Electronic, Medical engineering, Automotive  & Industrial gauges, Automotive  components, Switchgear products, Capacitors, Lamps,  Relays, Springs, Connectors, Thermostats, Watch  components and so on.  Right now, it represent following companies in India
It has its main plants in Germany, manufactures strips including thermo bi metals, contact bi metals, tubes including bourdon tubes, thin wall tubes, capillary tubes, wires, profiles, parts and assemblies including stamped parts, deep drawn parts, extruded parts, rivets, metal plastic assembly , thermo bi metal parts, contact bi metal parts etc. More details »
It has its main plant in Germany manufactures tubes, round wires, flat & profiled wires, sheet materials, components for medical industries made out of Nitinol, titanium alloy, cobalt alloy, stainless steel  and special alloys. More details »
Toray  has its head quarter in Japan. We represent  them in India for Capacitor films including polypropylene films, Polyester films  for  metallization pertaining to capacitors, metallized  plastic films for capacitors. More details »
The Dietze group is  engaged in  lighting , wire technology,  Glass to metal seal technology, Sensor application, tungsten and molybdenum components.  Its plant in Germany produces lamp components including lead in wires for  energy saving lamps, bead glass for metal halide lamps. More details »
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