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NITINOL is not just simply another material. It is much more. Shape Memory and Superelasticity are properties not found in other materials, yet allowing innovative solutions. NITINOL is a preferred material in the medical device industry, where advanced stents and filters as well as a variety of flexible instruments are made from our semi-finished products. The advantages of NITINOL have been recognized by the automotive industry and in electrical engineering as well. For more technical information of Nitinol, available forms, please contact us.
NITINOL alloys are available either in superelastic condition or as shape memory alloys. Depending on their composition, they have a transition temperature of -15°C to +80°C. This means that their properties can be optimised for the specific application.
Special features of NITINOL :
Elastic ductility  (10x greater than in steel) High buckling resistance Good bio compatibility
Titanium Alloys
The Titanium-base alloy Ti45Nb features extremely good biocompatibility and a lower density than Stainless Steel or Cobalt-base alloys. Our titanium alloy tubes find applications in surgical implants. Kindly contact us for more detailed specifications, chemical compositions, physical properties, mechanical properties of Titanium alloy.
Characteristics of Titanium-base alloys:
Satisfactory tensile strength Neutral in contact with (human)tissue
Cobalt Alloys
Especially in the field of orthopedics the family of Cobalt-base alloys are in high demand due to their high density and resulting good visibility in X-ray light.
But also in the field of cardiovascular stents the alloys L605 and MP35N are in growing demand due to their outstanding corrosion features.
Characteristics of Cobalt-base alloys:
High density High E-module Small grain size
Stainless Steel
The very high corrosion resistance and resulting biocompatibility as well as the extremely small inclusion size make our Stainless Steel 316LVM a popular alloy for implants and the leading alloy for cardiovascular stents.
Characteristics of our Stainless Steel alloys:
Good tensile strength/strength characteristics Small grain size
High elasticity in the as drawn condition    
Special Alloys
As your strategic partner and consultant we offer the development of new production materials to meet your specific requirements.
Euroflex focus will be on your expectations and demands on innovative and creative solutions, both present and future. We are looking forward to realizing these challenges with you.
Kindly contact us with the details of the alloy which you require, application, other specifications, sizes  so that  we can find solution for you.
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