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Since its foundation in 1877, the privately held company G.RAU is known for both tradition and progress. Gustav Rau founded the company to supply the jewelry and watch industries with pressings from gold and silver sheet. Today, with more than 500 employees and 30.000 m² of production space in two locations G.Rau is  a leading medium-sized company of the metal industry.
G.RAU is a worldwide leading specialist for innovative solutions around metal and a preferred supplier to renowned companies in various fields of electrical and automotive engineering, measurement and control industries as well as medical engineering.
G.RAU offers everything from semi-finished products to complex functional assemblies all from one source.


1877 Gustav Rau founded the company for the manufacture of pressings from gold and silver alloys
1897 Move into an own corporate building By then the production program also included the manufacturing of semi-finished products from precious metals, non-precious metals, their alloys and from doublé
1903 Introduction of modern mechanical production
1925 Expansion of our production program through the manufacturing of specialty products for electrical and apparatus engineering, thermobimetal, contact bimetal, contacts and specialty tubing...
1952 The increasing demand for specialty products resulted in an expansion of our delivery program for all technical products as well as in the expansion of our facility 
1967 Construction of our second plant in Pforzheim, Germany
1972 Second phase of construction in our second plant
1992 Semi-finished products for the medical engineering were added to our range of products
1993 G.RAU founded the subsidiary company Euroflex GmbH  with NDC as a sales company for Nitinol products as well as for other semi-finished products for the medical engineering industry
2002 Completion of the new building of plant II (Seperate new rooms for the production of semi-finished products for medical engineering)
2006 High-purity production of contact parts, purity defined and specified by maximum rest particles (size and amount) Packaging within the production line in blisters
2007 Further expansion of the tube drawing production with the aim of increasing our supply to the automobile industry G.RAU purchases 50% of the EUROFLEX shares from its Joint Venture Partner NDC (a Johnson & Johnson company) and now holds 100% of the EUROFLEX shares. Due to this purchase G.RAU holds 66,67 % of the   ADMEDES Schuessler GmbH in Pforzheim.
2008 EUROFLEX becomes a shareholder of NDC, Fremont USA, which parted from Johnson & Johnson and is now an independent company ADMEDES founds its overseas branch in Livermore, USA, named ADMEDES Inc. Series production readiness of the cold plating process New construction software for FEM calculation (stress simulation)
2009 Advancements in the development of wire compound production by the use of new material combinations Expansion of our measuring rooms (Werth Scope-Check 3D, outline indicator CT-Matic, Formtester Rondcum 44) Foil stamping of plated strips of up to 60 µm Circular cutting to achieve flat edge trimming of cups in the production of deep drawn parts
2010 Expansion of the tube production in order to enable ID surface treatments ADMEDES launches its US production line.
2012 Foundation of RAU PRECISION METALS S.A. in Costa Rica to produce tubes for the medical technologies.
2013 The third production site in Pforzheim covering an area of 1600 m² has been taken into service. New and larger production premises for future-oriented production of deep-drawn parts.
2014 The extension of the company building in Costa Rica covering 2650 m² of production space.
Start of serial production.
Establishment of a subsidiary in the US G.RAU Inc.
2015 Acquisition of the shares of ADMEDES Schuessler GmbH - G.RAU Group is now sole owner of ADMEDES Schuessler GmbH.
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