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Extruded Parts

Extruded parts with narrow tolerances are manufactured by cold extrusion or cold heating. The parts from copper, non-ferrous alloys, steel and stainless steel are produced from round wire by multiple progressive presses without any waste.
Extruded or cold-headed parts are used as heat sinks, base plates, contact wires e.g. for power electronics as well as lower-cost turning work pieces.
To protect against oxidation and/or for improved solderability these parts can be supplied with chemical or electroplated surface layers.
Materials and dimensions of the parts will be subject to a further evaluation and adjusted in order to meet the requirements taking economic aspects into account.
G.RAU state of the art equipment and cutting edge technologies for metal forming and surface finishing ensure consistent quality throughout large volume production runs.

Deep Drawn Parts

Deep drawn parts are widely used as electromagnetic shields and encasings for mechanical, electrical and electronic components as well as crankcases in the automotive, appliance, instrumentation and control industries.
G.RAU manufactures and supplies high precision, multi-level small deep drawn parts with edge profile cut and diagonal punch holes from metallic materials in a cost-effective manner.
According to our customers' specifications, we use non-ferrous metal, steel and stainless steel as well as many other materials with special physical properties such as expansion and magnetism.
Parts can be connected with straps, bounds, bearing surfaces and other required elements to form assemblies. Additionally these deep drawn parts can be thermically treated as well as provided with an electroplating or chemical surface finish.

Contact Rivets

G.Rau  produce solid and bimetal rivets from all common precious metal alloys in a wide range of dimensions on double pressure machines as well as by cold and warm welding.
In order to save precious metal, bimetal rivets are often used. Hereby the required contact material is mostly cold or warm welded onto the copper base.
The contact rivets are manufactured with a pole diameter of 0,7 to 5 mm and a head diameter of 1 to15 mm. If requested, G.RAU can add an electroplated surface layer onto the contact rivet.
G.RAU produces MASSIV RIVET with double strike press and BI- METAL RIVET with cold and warm welding machines to meet the requirements of the customers.
Details of the metals and alloys, shaft sizes, head diameter, head height and other additional information will be provided upon request

Memory Elements and Assemblies

Components made of shape memory alloys may be used as thermal actuators in many fields of measurement and control technology. Parts made from these alloys "remember" and return to their original shape after deformation and subsequent heating.
Depending on the alloy and processing the transition temperatures of our memory elements are between -20 and +80 °C. One-way elements only remember a high temperature shape to which they return upon heating.
Two-way elements, on the other hand, remember the high temperature shape upon heating and the low temperature shape upon cooling.
A two-way behavior can also be achieved by combining a one-way element with a biasing force (e.g. a spring). This arrangement is often more cost-effective than a true two-way memory element.
G.RAU supplies parts according to customers' specifications as compression, tension, bending or torsion elements, typically in the form of coil or cantilever springs as well as Belleville springs. The most frequently used shape memory material is Nitinol, a Nickel-Titanium alloy.
Please feel free to contact us for the samples EUROFLEX  sells tubes, wires and springs made of Nitinol and other materials.

Metal-Plastic Composite Components

Metal-plastic composite components are functional units designed with cost savings in mind.
The cooperation with  customers beginning already in development and construction phase enables us to  utilize the whole spectrum  of functional  solutions in order to  meet the customer’s requirements.
G.Rau  start working with our customers in the early stages of their projects to most effectively design functional units that meet all requirements.
G.RAU supplies  these  composite components as assemblies for  electrical engineering and electronics  as well   for applications in  automotive and medical engineering.
G.RAU offers thermo plastic, elastomeric single components, reeled components based on customer’s requirements. G.RAU technical persons will be pleased to provide you with further information upon request.

Stamping-Bending Parts and Assemblies

G.RAU produces stamping-bending parts as single parts, coils or in form of complex assemblies according to our customers' specifications on state-of-the-art stamping and bending equipment.
Contact materials (solid and bimetal contact rivets as well as contact wire) can be riveted, soldered and horizontally or vertically welded into stamping-bending parts or assemblies by high precision complex progressive dies fully automatically.
Complex assemblies with screw threads, screws and contacts are made from the most different materials using assembling and rivet technology as well as laser welding.
Upon request the parts can also be cleaned to a defined particle size and fully automatically packed in blister or reel-to-reel. Tools for trials, samples and series production are designed in-house and built by our own tool and die shop.
A highly productive surface technology allows full or selective coating of parts and strips using chemical and electroplating processes.

Thermobimetal Parts and Assemblies

Thermobimetal parts are active components made of at least two inseparable components with different thermal expansion coefficients. During heating one of the components expands more than the other(s), which results in a curvature of the thermobimetal. In many cases this movement is used to generate energy or a time response.
One of G.RAU's specialty products are thermal snap action discs and other snap action elements. These elements are formed into bi-stable configurations, the shapes of which are determined by functional requirements.
The thermobimetal strips, which are produced on our in-house rolling mills, are further formed to stamping-bending parts and assemblies on our high-performance stamping and bending machines according to our customers' specifications.
All production tooling, including stamping and bending tools, is designed and built in-house in our modern tool and die shop.
Thermobimetal parts and assemblies can be tempered and coated with chemical or electroplated surface layers to improve corrosion resistance.
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