Capacitor Films of Polypropylene, Polyester

We represent Toray for their Capacitor films including Polypropylene, Polyester as base film for capacitor as well as metallized film for capacitors
Toray , being a multinational with its head office in Japan, has several plants and offices from all parts of the world, engaged in  multi segment of business. Capacitor film business forms a part of Toray’s business

TORAYFAN Polypropylene Film

The lightest of all plastic films, TORAYFAN® is a transparent, high-tensile film with excellent electrical and mechanical properties, and superior chemical resistance and moisture proofness. With these characteristics, TORAYFAN® BO is widely used for industrial materials (such as capacitors and adhesive tapes) and food packaging, while

TORAYFAN NO, the non-oriented film manufactured and marketed by Toray Advanced Film Co., Ltd. has heat-seal properties that are utilized for food applications such as retort foods and for easy opening sealing materials.

LUMIRROR Polyester Film

LUMIRROR is a multifunctional, high-performance film developed using Toray's advanced technologies. It is used in a wide range of applications in information technology-related sectors as an industrial material (for applications such as flat panel displays, as a material for liquid crystals, and as process releasing sheet) and as a magnetic material (for products such as computer data storage and DVC tape, etc.). LUMIRROR® also enjoys a broad range of uses as a packaging material.

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Plain Polypropylene for Capacitors ( Metallisation grade)
Metallised Polypropylene films for Capacitors Polyester film ( Plain as well as metallised) for capacitors
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